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So you've tried trading the Stock Market yet you're still quite lost?

Studied some Technical Indicators but don't really know what to make out of them?

Having a hard time to control your emotions whenever stock prices are moving?
Don't worry, the Investagrams Team will guide you to the RIGHT PATH.

We've heard your requests, dahil malakas kayo samin we've decided to help those who are in need.
Where & When:
Asian Institute of Management (AIM) 1st floor - First Philippine Holdings Case Room on July 23, 2016 (1-5pm)
This is our classroom.
Who should attend:
This is a Trading 101 session. Suited for beginners, up to those who have experience but are still quite lost in their Trading Journey. If you are determined to make trading a serious part of your life, then this learning session is for YOU!

What you'll learn:
First we reflect on the Anatomy of a Trading Decision. By understanding the thought process of trading you will identify the key components of decision making.
Then, we shall be covering the CORE of Technical Analysis. By discarding what we don't need, you will discover the POWER of simplicity.
In trading today, many people are getting duped or hyped, we'll teach you how to shrug off the noise--taking only what's necessary.
We then guide you on how to create your own EDGE in the market. We shall introduce to you a "Systematic Trading Approach".
This is the backbone of any trader looking to make consistent money from the markets.
We shall also be teaching you solid Risk Management aka protecting your ass in the markets. One of the most under-looked, yet one of the most importantaspects of trading.
We then look into the Mindset of Successful Traders. By Analyzing the difference between SHARKS and FISHES (pros and amateurs) you will be able to avoid common errors and emulate how WINNERS approach trading.
Lastly, we shall apply everything we've learned into real examples and simulations--for you to see that what we teach goes beyond theory.

Fees and Reservation

Learning fee is Php 1500, fairly cheap for anyone looking to take their trading to another level.


If you're interested SIGN UP  ---> (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FORM)

Once you've filled everything. We shall let you know if you qualify for the cut-off since we only have LIMITED seats available.

Should you be accepted you will be provided the payment details and other information in your EMAIL and Mobile No.


Event is inclusive of food.

Learning materials will be provided

All attendees shall be given 1-month access to our special features such asIntra-day Charts and the InvestaWatcher (Instant Price + Disclosures Alert)

We won't spoon feed you, but we'll make sure that you are guided in the right path.

Your first step towards consistent trading starts HERE.

Additional information

Payment options

Credit Card / Debit Card / Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit / Fund Transfer